A Reminder to Girls, of Guys and God 

I, like most of America, spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for intriguing thoughts and ideas, and lately, I’ve noticed something a little disheartening. I keep seeing articles with titles such as “10 Easy Steps to Getting the Guy” or “How to Keep Him Interested.” I’m not going to lie, I’ve read these articles. They’re slightly intriguing, but they break my heart. Those articles, they imply that us girls are not interesting on our own. That we’re not worth having, that we’re not special. 

Here’s what those articles should be saying:  Girls, it has never been and never will be your job to keep someone merely “interested” in you. It is your job to hold your head high and know that you are worthy of interest. It is your job to know that any guy that needs to be chased down is not a guy worth having. Someday, a guy will come along, and that guy will chase you down and hold onto you and never let you go. 

 But girls, until that someday comes, you do not need a man to complete you, nor to make you happy. Not only are you complete on your own, but you have a God who loves you unconditionally, a God who fearfully and wonderfully made you in His own image. What could be more special than that?

So here’s a reminder to all girls: Spend your time dancing with God, and I promise you, he will let the perfect man cut in. 

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