Happy FeetĀ 

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week with this picture. Looking at it, thinking about it, trying to come up with a  clever caption I could pair it with on Instagram (nope). I tried to tuck it away in my brain’s file cabinet, but it kept flying out of the drawer and drifting into my radar.

Funny how God works (isn’t this phrase the beginning of most great stories?)-as this picture popped into my mind over and over again, so did the verse Romans 10:15.

“How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

I Google image-searched the words “beautiful feet”, and (not surprising to me) my feet do not match the pictures. In those pictures, the skin was smooth, even, and the toes were all painted. My toes have been un-pedicured for well over a year, the skin on my heels is rough, and I have strips of pale and tan skin criss-crossing each other like the pattern on a zebra, forming the shape of my sandals. I often end my days with dirt as a souvenir because (I am a child and) sidewalks just aren’t my cup of tea.

But here’s the deal with that “not being of the world”idea (Romans 12:2). It means that Google does not get to define me. My feet are beautiful to God not because they can win a modeling contest (if such a thing exists for feet) , but because they are capable. My feet, who at first didn’t even want to  let me walk, eventually got on the same team as my brain. Since then, they have carried me through dance after dance, up mountain after mountain, and have enabled me to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people all over the state of North Carolina and beyond.

This summer, I’ll be traveling to Romania with a group of people from the church I attend in Boone. This is new territory for me. I don’t know the culture and I don’t know the language. I don’t know who I’ll be interacting with or how and I don’t know that I will be good at it. 

But I do know God won’t let us down. He’ll guide us through the murky waters of the river of Sharing the The Gospel with Unreached People, and hopefully we’ll see incredible things happen. How beautiful are the feet of those who share the good news. How beautiful are the dusty feet, the calloused feet, the feet that have climbed to the highest of places to shout to the world “Good news and great joy!”, the feet that have been lived on.